Is this product useful for all ages? 

It is indeed, and depending on the age of the person, this serum has particular beneficial effects to the skin. In adolescents with acne prone skin, this serum is an astringent, tightening the pores and helping the skin to remain free from bacteria, thereby preventing the formation of further acne. For everyone exposed to the sun and environmental pollution, or even for smokers, this product is invaluable because it stops the formation of free radicals caused by ultra violet rays of the sun and smoke. For older people, it rehydrates the skin and regenerates new skin cells, hence making the skin look fuller and renews the older cells to give the skin a wonderful radiant look.

What is the shelf-life of this product when used daily?

The shelf-life of our Retinol cream has been tested and certified to be 12 months from production date. We produce fresh new cream every month to ensure every customer to get always fresh Retinol cream.

What is the percentage of retinol? 

There are different types of retinoids that have various strengths. We use a form of Retinol known as: Retinol palmitate and the percentage we use in our Kleem Organics® Retinol Cream is 2.5%.

Can this product help prevent premature signs of aging?

Early use of our Kleem Organics® Retinol Cream will help to combat fine lines and wrinkles before they become noticeable. With consistent and continual use, Retinol is effective in fighting the signs of aging.

Can I use your Retinol cream with other products?

Yes. It can be combined with other products. Our Kleem Organics® Retinol Cream is commonly combined with our Kleem Organics® Vitamin C Serum.

How Long Until I See Results?

Retinoids take time to work, approximately 6 to 7 weeks. Most people don’t see any results the first few weeks, but everyone’s skin is different. Some people get good results right away while others have to be more patient. However, benefits from retinoids usually peak after one year of consistent use.

Can you use this product around your eyes?

While your eyes are more sensitive, it is okay to use our Kleem Organics® Retinol Cream under your eye area to diminish fine wrinkles there (don’t put it on your eyelids though). When you first start using it under your eye, it is common for any fine lines to look creepy and be even more pronounced. But, it should get better after a while. If your eye is too sensitive to retinoid, you can try buffering the product or just not using any near your eyes.

Can I use AHA or BHA with your Retinol Product?

A common misperception about retinol is that it exfoliates skin. Retinol, in any of its forms, does not do the same thing as AHA or BHA exfoliants.

AHAs and BHA ingredients exfoliate the dead surface layers of skin, improving signs of environmental damage and hydrating for renewed smoothness. Retinol doesn’t work that way.

The confusion arises because retinol does cause flaking skin for some people. When they see the flakes they assume the retinol is also exfoliating their skin. Flaking skin is not necessarily a sign of exfoliation. The AHAs and BHA help skin do what it should be doing naturally, and you don’t notice your dead skin cells when they shed naturally; instead, you just see a smooth, renewed skin surface and a healthy glow. AHAs and BHA help skin shed the way it did when you were young.

For the best anti-aging benefits, it’s ideal to use both an exfoliant and a retinol cream as part of your regular skincare routine.