• I've noticed a difference in my 51 yr old skin, including in my problem area, the deep horizontal lines on my neck. I try a lot of face creams and serums, but this is now my go-to, daily/nightly moisturizer. Does not cause breakouts.

    Sarah P.

  • I absolutely love this product. It has a pleasant very light citrus smell. The dispenser works perfectly. I saw dark spots begin to fade immediately. My skin looks more firm and the skin tone is brighter. I liked it so much I also ordered the Kleem Vitamin C Serum. I love that too. The two products together have my face looking much better. Most retinol products have been too harsh and made my face red. This doesn't. I highly recommend this Cream.

    Kathy M.

  • This is my second order of the Anti Aging Mousturizer and I am truly in support of this company and product. As a man, working 60+ hours a week and surviving on an average of 5 hours of sleep a day, my eyes always seemed a little worn out (especially with the puffy bags underneath them). My wife gave me an Amazon gift card last year for Fathers Day so I decided to purchase a product that didn’t have dyes and a bunch of product fillers that sound good, but do not help you at all. I found Kleem through product reviews and it was def worth it! After about 10 days of using this, everyone noticed the difference in my face and eye area! I will continue to support and recommend Kleem.

    Brian V.

  • I'm 43 with sun damaged skin. I comitted to using Kleem Organics Retinol Moisturizer with Kleem Organics Vitamin C and have seen drastic improvements! I've already reordered just so I don't run out. Smaller pores, glowing tighter skin and age spots are vastly diminished after only 4 weeks of faithful use. Cleanse every night, exfoliation at least 3 times a week and use these all natural products! You won't be disappointed!

    Jennifer P.

  • Love, love, love this cream! I first purchased this cream as a lightning deal and was so impressed with it that I immediately purchased a 3 pack for my sister and friends. It smells heavenly and is light and creamy with a non-greasy finish. The application top is beyond genius. The feel as it glides from your fingertips to your skin is just lovely. If Kleem Organics made a perfume from this scent I would gladly purchase it. The price is amazingly affordable and it is worth its weight in gold for its performance on the skin. I love this product enough to give a heads up to women and men that want to protect and rejuvenate their skin. What a find. Signed, A lifetime customer from now on!

    Mary T.

  • I have used SO many products through the years from Arbonne to Clinique, and this product is by far the BEST that I have used ever. The texture, feel, and how quickly it made my face smooth and healthy was amazing. I did not even tell my husband that I had tried something different than the very pricey things that I had been using, and he asked me about my face and a "glow" about me, especially around my eyes. I would HIGHLY recommend this product any time any day!

    Jennifer W.